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He says he isn’t worth her love anymore and won’t ruin her life. There, Shorvari tells Parth she stayed with Teni all night long, so she told Dadi. She is concerned about their child the most. Parth thinks he is sure Teni isn’t lying, she was truly afraid.

There, someone comes to Teni’s room, places her cellphone bolts the door from outside. The family was ready for Pooja, Dadi asks Shorvari to bring Teni. Teni comes to the room after bath, she felt lighter and was getting ready. Shorvari watches the door was bolted. She thinks Teni has already left and informs the other that Teni must have already left in the other car. Mohini also comes out to join them. She couldn’t find her cell phone and was worried.

She speaks to Parth’s photo that it’s his mistake, he didn’t check if Teni was ready or not. She restlessly tries to unbolt the door. In the temple, the family arrive. Dadi asks Shorvari about Teni. Shorvari says Teni’s door was locked from outside, she thought Teni left with Indu. Indu scolds Shorvari for her carelessness.

She asks why Shorvari didn’t look inside. Shorvari explains she thought the door was locked, and Teni must have come with them. Parth says he would bring her. Pandit ji says the time would be over until he returns. There in the room Teni was upset. Parth also feels something wrong and wonders why he feels Teni isn’t fine.

Suddenly the lights of Teni’s room go off. Teni goes to light the candles on stand. Parth thinks what if Teni was inside the room and someone bolted the door by mistake. He tries to ring Teni’s cell phone.

Teni could hear it ringing outside. Parth leaves to look for Teni. Mohini was worried while Shorvari enraged when they don’t find Parth there. There, Teni turns around and finds a rug on fire under the candle stand. She tries to put the fire off by pouring water. The room was filled with smoke.