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This article is about Stephen Fuller Austin, the “Father of Texas”. United States to the region in 1825. Austin convinced numerous American settlers to move to Texas, and by 1825 Austin austin tx dating brought the first 300 American families into the territory.

Texas despite the attempts of the Mexican government to ban the institution. Houston appointed Austin as secretary of state for the new republic, and Austin held that position until his death in December 1836. Coat of arms of Stephen F. Eliza, lived only one month. After graduation, Austin began studying to be a lawyer. As a member of the territorial legislature, he was “influential in obtaining a charter for the struggling Bank of St.

After purchasing the property, he learned the area was being considered as the location for the new territorial capital, which could make his land worth a great deal more. Two weeks before the first Arkansas territorial elections in 1820, Austin declared his candidacy for Congress. His late entrance meant his name did not appear on the ballot in two of the five counties, but he still placed second in the field of six candidates. Later, he was appointed as a judge for the First Circuit Court. Over the next few months, Little Rock did become the territorial capital, but Austin’s claim to land in the area was contested, and the courts ruled against him.

The Territorial Assembly reorganized the government and abolished Austin’s judgeship. Moses Austin caught pneumonia soon after returning to Missouri. June 31, 1821, when he learned of his father’s death. This news has effected me very much, he was one of the most feeling and affectionate Fathers that ever lived. His faults I now say, and always have, were not of the heart. While in transit, they learned Mexico had declared its independence from Spain, and Texas had become a Mexican province, rather than a Spanish territory. San Antonio native with ambitious visions of the future of Texas, befriended Stephen F.