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Lara, 35, took to Instagram to share a video of herself holding her baby boy. The footage was originally filmed on Snapchat with a filter that gives them the appearance of wearing glasses. By Cute snapchat names for your girlfriend Tempesta For Dailymail.

Read this: Social media savvy! Lara Trump’s newborn son Luke is barely two months old, but the little boy is already having fun with Snapchat filters. Thursday to share a black and white video of herself holding her baby boy in her lap. The footage was originally filmed on Snapchat with a filter that gives Lara and nearly two-month-old Luke the appearance of wearing wire-frame glasses and choker necklaces. Id”:”4451095933590392235″,”descr”:”Lara Trump and her infant son Eric ‘Luke’ Trump posed with oversized eyeglasses in this adorable Instagram video.

The clip begins focused on Lara but she quickly moves the camera down to show off little Luke, who has his tiny hands balled up into fists. In less than 24 hours, the clip has been viewed more than 50,000 times, with many commenting on how ‘cute’ and ‘adorable’ the footage is. DC hooded sweatshirt featuring the title of the band’s 1976 album ‘High Voltage. It’s been a big week for the parents, who celebrated both their three-year wedding anniversary and the one-year anniversary of his father winning the 2016 presidential election on Wednesday.

I love you more today than ever! Eric and Lara each shared black and white photos from their 2014 wedding at the Trump family’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida, while paying tribute to each other. Three years ago today, I got to marry my best friend. Eric giving her a kiss after they cut their wedding cake. MAGA,’ wrote while posting a photo of himself dipping Lara on the dance floor.

The two also posted photos of their family watching the results come in on election night. Watching the results come in exactly one year ago! Since the birth of their baby boy on September 12, Eric and Lara have been filling their social media feeds with plenty of photos of their only child. Luke is already developing quite the personality, and Lara couldn’t help but imagine what he was thinking when he gave her funny look last week. The first-time mom shared  a photo of Luke giving her a unimpressed look while sporting an oversize hooded sweatshirt.

Lara captioned the black and white image, which sees Luke lying on his changing table. Last week, Luke celebrated his very first Halloween. Lara revealed that she and Eric had gotten Luke two different baby costumes for the occasion, and she proudly posted snapshots of the little boy dressed as both a police officer and an astronaut. Little Luke aspires to be like you!

In one image, Luke is dressed in a white astronaut onesie and cap, while she and Eric are modeling her father-in-law’s ‘Make America Great Again’ caps. Meanwhile, Eric wore a black and red version of his father’s campaign hat. The second picture sees Luke wearing a light blue onesie and a navy blue cap with the ‘Police’ splashed across the brim in yellow. A Guinness for me and a water for you!