Dating a flight attendant

When fed-up flight attendant Steven Slater got into a foul-mouthed row with a passenger after landing at JFK airport, he decided enough was enough. They say it’s best to go out with dating a flight attendant bang. And as resignations go, Steven Slater’s was certainly memorable. When a stroppy passenger swore at the flight attendant after he asked her to remain in her seat until the plane had stopped, the self-confessed ‘bag Nazi’ first commandeered the public address system to launch a four-letter tirade at shocked travellers.

He threw the bags on to it before sliding down to the tarmac himself. Once on the ground, Slater, 39, picked up his silver Jeep Wrangler and raced home. Flo Hale: ‘Steven only did what all of us feel like doing to those inconsiderate people that think they are better than the rest of the world. Victor Nawrocki: ‘I think the other passengers should have helped him. Daniel Hood: ‘Love the way he took a few beers then jumped down the shoot ha ha this has made my day.

Sharyl Madeloni: ‘Rude is a way of life anymore – we don’t have to take it! Personally I would have thrown the beer on the passenger and thrown the jerk down the chute instead! Ross Collins: ‘I hope you grabbed some peanuts to go with the beer. Naomi Nieves: ‘If Steven is reading this, please know that the minute your story aired on TV , I had your back. Police arrived to arrest him about an hour later. New York said Slater was having ‘a really bad day’ on Monday. If convicted, he could be jailed for seven years.

But Slater has become an unlikely folk hero in the U. Slater’s voice was heard bellowing over the loudspeaker. Passenger Philip Catelinet said: ‘He said, “I’ve had it! 28 years and that’s it. You don’t want to see a flight attendant lose their cool like that. I’m glad it happened on the ground and not anywhere in the air.

Slater from getting to the escape chute, but couldn’t hold him back. Slater had been with Jet Blue since 2008. Mr Catelinet said he heard Slater talking to another passenger about his anger just before he launched his tirade. He said that he had a bad day and that this passenger had set him off,’ Mr Catelinet said. I thought it was a crazy way to quit your job. Jet Blue last night suspended Slater from duty pending an investigation. The airline said in a statement: ‘At no time was the security or safety of our customers or crewmembers at risk.

On his Facebook page, Slater lists his interests as ‘fashion, interior decorating, spirituality and recovery’. He is said to have previously worked for TWA and Delta. He joined Jet Blue in 2008 after a spell as a shop assistant with designer label Burberry. A neighbour said about 50 police officers turned up at Slater’s home in Belle Harbour, New York, to arrest him. He was found in bed with his boyfriend.

The issue od luggage entitlements is something that has been a pet hate of Slater’s for a long while. A Guinness for me and a water for you! No St Patrick’s Day tipple for me! Commuters are being encouraged not to travel late in the evening with the Arctic winds expected to disrupt public transport.

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