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Torrentz will always love you. Find answers to our FAQ regarding room creation, invitations, access control, content features, privacy, subscriptions, and more. Create a chatroom with many options, such as user permissions, password control and customized messages. Chatzy is a free private chat service which you can use to communicate with people you already know or people who visits your delete chatzy account or website.

With Chatzy you can create a chatroom and send out email invitations very quickly and easily. Why is there nobody in my chat room? Probably because you didn’t invite anybody. The purpose of Chatzy is to provide you with private chat rooms in which you can chat with friends and family on the Internet without being disturbed. Nobody can join the chat if they have not been invited by you or one of the other participants. How do I get into my chat room once I’ve left it?

However, most browsers “remember” where you have been, so the necessary address may pop up if you start typing “www. Otherwise, try looking in the browser’s history. If none of this works, you can easily create a new chat room. Chatzy started out in 2001 as an experiment by a couple of Internet professionals with various full-time occupations, but has since grown into a small dedicated organization based in Europe.

How do Quick Chats and Virtual Rooms differ? Do I have to be present in order for it to be open? The chatrooms are always open, regardless of whether the creator is present or not. Can I promote a chat room on my own Web pages? You are welcome to create a chat room and link to it from a Web page of your own.

Think of it as a free hosted chat solution for your Web site. You simply use the chat room address from your browser. In a Virtual Room, only you or somebody with the administrator password can clear the chat history, and you have the option of specifying a room password for accessing the chatroom. Skins allow you to change the appearance of Chatzy, in terms of colors, background image and font style. Room Skin always overrules a Device Skin.