Entrepreneur dating

A controversial Muslim entrepreneur has created a dating site to help men find a second wife with close to 35,000 Britons signing up. Muslim men and the latter catering for those of all faiths. Bigamy is illegal in Britain and carries a jail sentence of up to seven years, but Mr Entrepreneur dating insists that his service is promoting fidelity and stopping women from being lonely. His sites, he claims, are about old fashioned values.

Mr Chaiwala explains: ‘Users police each other and every picture is vetted for decency. We do not allow cleavage. However, not all are convinced by his progressive romantic vision. Leading Muslim MP Khalid Mahmood has branded the venture ‘stupid’ and warned that women entering a polygamous relationship are waving away financial rights usually attached to a marriage. He said: ‘It puts a person in huge peril because they are not allowed to claim, as a partner, on his estate. It is not acceptable and puts individuals very much at risk, it puts them at a huge disadvantage.

They think they are doing the right thing, but it does put them at risk in terms of the financial situation. While Mariam Khan, councillor for Washwood Heath in Birmingham said:  ‘It is the women who suffer. The modern-day version of looking for a second wife is disrespectful to women, and it is not using the Islamic teaching in a fair way. It ends up in a deteriorating relationship between the husband and first wife. Mr Chaiwala said that polygamy, across all religions, is more popular than it has ever been.

There is not a woman on earth who would be totally comfortable with it,’ he said. Even the Prophet Muhammad’s wives showed signs of jealousy. Mr Chaiwala stresses that he is not promoting a criminal act with his websites. His religion allows a man to have up to four wives, as long as they are in agreement with the arrangement. Those tangled relationships can be celebrated through a civil-style ceremony in mosques but cannot be cemented through a legal service. Mr Chaiwala, who is convinced that polygamy will eventually be made legal in the UK, said: ‘This is my wedding, I do not need to have a piece of paper.

Is it illegal to have a mistress? He added: ‘People go to a nightclub and have a one-night stand and that’s the end of it. A man wants to get married to multiple partners in an honourable manner, he wants to share his love and resources – why do you have an issue with that? It is not for everyone – some men are not physically, or financially, capable of taking care of other women. Illegal: Bigamy is against the law in Britain and can carry a sentence of up to seven years in prison. Mr Chaiwala stressed that polygamy is not confined to the Muslim faith.