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Enter the terms you wish to search for. The Tesla Model X was the first all-electric SUV to go on sale. Model X is sure to appeal to those friend finder x review’d contemplated making the change to electric power, but didn’t want to lose out on SUV practicality or image. Model X definitely draws its share of attention.

Falcon Wing’ rear doors are quite the show-stopper. Expect small crowds to gather whenever they open, as onlookers wait to see whether children or aliens emerge from the futuristic-looking machine. Elsewhere, the Model X is just as swoopy as its Model S sister, although it shares that car’s strangely blank-looking nose treatment that detracts a little from its visual appeal. Offering definite appeal, though, is the technology under the metal.

We’ll get to the vital factors of range and charging time later, because the statistics that grabbed all the headlines for the Tesla Model S related to its sheer power and performance, especially the blisteringly quick P100D version. The Model X P100D uses the same dual-motor, four-wheel-drive power system and offers an outrageous 3. 259 and 351 miles on a full charge. In keeping with its hi-tech power system, the Model X interior is dominated by an enormous portrait-orientated touchscreen that controls much of the plentiful standard equipment, while a TFT display presents vital information to the driver. Model X’s battery packs and electric motors mean every inch of interior space can be used, so it’s a very versatile family vehicle. Five adults can stretch out on the two main seating rows, while an additional third row offers plenty of room for two children.

This all adds up to a very compelling package, but it needs to when you look at the list price. However, there’s no forgetting the low daily running costs, the impressive range on a full charge, the tax advantages for company-car users and the sheer sense of occasion found in driving this car. The Model X is will be prohibitively expensive for many, but it may just be the most complete electric family transport solution yet devised. What do you think of YOUR car?

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