Godly dating

The best thing to do if you want a great future for your son is by praying for your son’s future wife. Here are six powerful prayers for your son to meet a godly wife. Praying for godly dating son’s future wife is a powerful thing.

For the Christian husband, prayer is essential for a vibrant and thriving marriage. Every Christian husband should make prayer a first resort in any and all situations with their future wife. She is the woman that God has in mind for him. It’s important that he humbles himself before God and asks Him to do what only God has the power to do not only in his life but also her life. When you pray for your son’s future spouse’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being, you are acknowledging how important the foundation of prayer is in their lives and how powerful prayer can be.

It’s important that each one of us grounds ourselves each day in Christ. Praying expresses gratitude for the things God provides. The more you’re invested in the sanctification of others as you are in your own, miracles happen. If you want your son to be with God’s perfect match, it’s important that you turn to God and ask Him to reveal a godly wife to him.