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Official Site of Oricon Inc. Original Confidence and took over the latter’s Oricon record charts in April 2002. CDs, DVDs, electronic games, and other entertainment products based on weekly tabulations. That November, the company began publishing a singles chart on an experimental:basis. However, in the 1970s, Koike willingly advertised his company’s charts to make its existence prevail among the Japanese public.

Thanks to his intensive promotional efforts on the multiple media including television programs, the hit parade became known by its abbreviation “Oricon” by the late 1970s. The company shortened its name to Oricon in 1992 and was split into a holding company and several subsidiaries in 1999. Since Sōkō Koike’s death, Oricon has been managed by the founder’s relatives. Every Monday, Oricon receives data from outlets, but data on merchandise sold through certain channels does not make it into the charts. Oricon, and its sales were not reflected in the Oricon charts. Oricon’s rankings of record sales are therefore not completely accurate.

Before data was collected electronically, the charts were compiled on the basis of faxes that were sent from record shops. In the interview, Ugaya questioned the validity of Oricon’s hit chart on the grounds that its statistical methods were not transparent. Oricon does not include download sales. 2000s, while download sales hit three to four times the amount of single sales. Therefore, this chart is considered by many as not a reliable source in the current market. Ugaya appealed to the Tokyo high court. Oricon later dropped the charges, after a 33-month battle that laid waste to the reporter’s life.

No charge was laid against the journalist. Oricon’s decision to drop the action is extremely unusual in Japan. According to Japanese supreme court figures, only 0. 1 per cent of the cases closed in 2007 were terminated as a result of the plaintiff’s decision to abandon the claim.

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