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The blog’s New York-based creators David Fung, 28, and his girlfriend, Yena Kim, 26, have caused an online sensation since they launched the website earlier this week. Menswear Dog is the newest blog to mark its mark the fashion scene, using a well-dressed three-and-a-half-year-old shiba inu named Bodhi – after Patrick Swayze’s character in Point Break. The blog’s creators David Fung, 28, a graphic designer, and his fashion-designer girlfriend, Yena Kim, 26, have caused an online sensation since they launched the website earlier this week. Bodhi meet asian guys online heritage menswear staples like a natural, wearing everything from Ralph Lauren knit ties to Gant Rugger oxford shirts, all layered to perfection.

The response to the blog has been ‘overwhelming,’ added the duo, who started Menswear Dog together on a recent ‘lazy Saturday afternoon. Aw can I go running too mom? Bodhi in some serious menswear clothes just for giggles,’ said Mr Fung. That’s when we realized that we had stumbled on to something amazing. Bodhi has been known to sport some glorious holiday sweaters in his younger days,’ said Mr Fung, who was born in Massachusetts, and is now based in New York. So how does Bodhi like his new career as a male model? It’s mostly mood dependent,’ said Korean-born Miss Kim.

Generally he loves the attention but sometimes he won’t have it. And that’s when you get a well-deserved paw to the face. We have also been receiving countless viewer submissions of dapper dogs around the world, so it would be unbelievably cool to feature some of them on the blog,’ they said. We’re also thinking of bringing in guest dogs. Menswear for all shapes and sizes. Shared secrets: Paul Burrell and Diana in 1994.

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