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Powered by Slider Revolution 5. We’d meet san francisco to meet you, show you around our facility and learn all about your fitness goals.

We’ll also work alongside you to find the best plan to achieve them. What I have learned about myself is I’m stiff, really stiff. My ability to move has improved IMMENSELY since joining. Spending time at SFCF has taught me that we can experience great changes in our range of motion and ability to move, it just takes time and persistence.

The reason for me joining was the Adaptive Athletic class and coaches Max, Yasmen and Sean! What I hear learned about myself is that my form can always improve and there are always coaches there to help. Between being challenged by ever-changing physical demands and the inspiring examples of hard work and perseverance spilling out of all your fellow athletes each day at the gym, all areas of your life are guaranteed to improve. We’d love to meet you! Mission, Valencia, 13th, and 15th Streets. Interior of the Drill Court showing boxing ring, ca.

For almost three decades, at least two prizefights were held in the Drill Court each week. Corbett and Pete Myers in 1929. By this time, The Armory was in a heavy state of disrepair. Many of these proposals were marked by acrimonious debates between various community interests.

The stairs in the main entrance of the armory also became a well-known skateboarding location referred to as “3-Up 3-Down”. It was also announced that Kink. The sale drew a mixed response from the San Francisco community. Others were disturbed that a pornography studio would be located in the middle of a residential neighborhood near schools, or were opposed to the abandonment of plans for low-income housing at the site, as well as the lack of community input into this use of The Armory. A group known as the Mission Armory Community Collective soon formed in opposition to Kink. The Armory in early February 2007.