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Jordan Lancaster notes that the integration of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies into the Kingdom of Italy changed the status of Naples forever: “Abject poverty meant that, throughout Naples and Southern Italy, thousands decided to leave in search of a better future. Many went to the United States, Australia and Argentina. King of Sicily” and still officially referred to their realm as the “Kingdom of Sicily”. At the same time, the Aragonese rulers of the Island of Sicily also called their realm the “Kingdom of Sicily”.

The two states had functioned as separate realms since the War of the Sicilian Vespers in 1282. John II, conquered Naples and reunified the two kingdoms under the authority of the newly united Spanish throne. V, giving Parma to his younger brother, Philip. Ferdinand IV of Naples, later crowned Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies in 1816. French client state, as successor to the kingdom. Naples to Sicily until June of that year. King of the Two Sicilies, though this only meant control of the mainland portion of the kingdom.

The expedition resulted in a striking series of defeats for the Sicilian armies facing the growing troops of Garibaldi. French help, which never came. 13 March 1861 and on 20 March 1861 respectively. The state existed in that form from 1130 until 1285. Officially Charles never gave up the title of “The Kingdom of Sicily”, thus there existed two separate kingdoms calling themselves “Sicily”.

Sicilies”, and used the name as part of his title. Naples had a different Aragonese king from the island of Sicily from 1458 until 1501. Naples and Sicily came under direct Spanish rule. Charles inherited the Spanish Crown in 1759, reigning as Charles III of Spain. Spanish royalty to the southern Italian kingdoms. Ferdinand’s reign was highly eventful.