Norman chat

Official site of Norman Seeff. 30 years of his Sessions project. Norman chat called me and asked me to come and have lunch with him. I was in LA so I jumped on a plane and met him at a restaurant is Cupertino.

He just wanted to chat, nothing specific, but in the course of our conversation he tells me that he has a sense that there is a place that you can go to where you can put causes and effects together and “drop them in”. For me it was a skin crawling moment. I was currently working on a form of meditation for accessing the CAUSAL PLANE where one can go and literally connect causes and effects and drop them into physical manifestation. Somehow, Steve could do this naturally and spontaneously. Perhaps this was the secret of his visionary ability to conceive of ideas that manifest in the future.

One of the most distinguished musical artists of our time, Jessye Norman traveled from her home town of Augusta, Georgia to the opera houses and concert halls of the world. As a ten-year-old child she was spellbound by a recording of the great contralto Marian Anderson. Inspired by Anderson’s recordings and autobiography, she resolved to become a classical singer herself. At age 16 she won a music scholarship to Howard University. In Europe, she was discovered by the Continent’s leading conductors and impresarios. A dramatic soprano with a special affinity for the German repertoire, she has won acclaim in the operas of Wagner and Richard Strauss.