Pof chat

GW2 Path of Fire Act 2 Story Achievements guide. Completing the meta will pof chat you with 15 AP and Goren’s Eel-Tooth Charm ascended amulet.

For this achievement, you have to open Glint’s Lair within 2 minutes and 30 seconds. You will need to collect 15 of Glint’s crystal essences to open the lair. How this works is that that every time you collect 5 of the essences, you character will have a circular glow and you can deposit the essences in one of the damaged memory crystal that opens up. This is much more easier with 2 players as the timer is a bit tight solo due to the mobs that spawn that prevent you from swapping mounts due to them pulling you in combat.

You can do this after collecting 15 essences for Dragon’s Lair. You just need to collect the remaining 5 essences for a total of 20 essences. Use the achievement tracker on your buff bar to see how many you have left. Some of them are a bit tricky to get and may require you to use a combination of the springer jump and the raptor long jump to acquire. During the fight with Facet Guardian, he will cast a large circular AoE with a smaller inner circular rapidly expanding to fill the outer circle. At the end of this cast, he will start pulsating AoE for a few seconds in an attack called Crystalline Drain. You cannot get hit by this Crystalline Drain attack without the Crystal Shield which you get by killing the Facet of Light and picking up the orb it drops.

The shield effect you get lasts only a few seconds and isn’t long enough for the full duration of the Crystalline Drain pulse so the safer bet is to stand outside the AoE and wait for the Crystalline Drain to finish before going back to melee or just bring ranged weapon. Later on in the fight you will have to kill Facet of Darkness and pick up the orbs they drop to breakbar the Facet Guardian and deal damage to it. Remember to always get a shield from killing Facet of Light before going into the AoE pulse or the pulse will eat both your achievement and the action bar ability from Facet of Darkness. Primeval ruler during the split illusion phase. This is a pretty annoying achievement because the NPC can kill the wrong ones really fast and screw it up for you. It is much easier to do it in a group of 2-3 players as you can burst down the correct clone before the NPCs screw it up for you. However, beware that if you are doing it in a group, you have to hit the correct clone at least once each time to get credit.

A quick trick to do this is to press tab quickly over the clones and locate the one that is different. However, sometimes you can screw it up by tabbing over so it is good to know which one is the correct one beforehand. The correct clone you need to hit is the one that matches the ruler exactly. A bit hard to solo but really easy in a group.

Can stand directly on the mines since the mines don’t hurt you. Same mechanics as above except at the end you need to kill them around roughly the same time. Pretty easy achievement, just talk to each Primeval ruler after you have defeated them. Don’t forget Nahlah and Dahlah at the end. For this one, you have to match correctly the first 5 pieces of the puzzle. What you do is look at the wedge symbols and match their graphic with the ones on the corresponding wedge hollow.

The 5 wedge symbols are located in different places. Wedge 5 is just above wedge 4. For this achievement, you have to go the first part of 5 wedge symbols and a second part of the puzzle under 7 minutes. The second part is much straight forward and all you need to do is to talk to each of the NPCs. When they ask you for the correct answers to their questions, pick the following. Some of the disc plates don’t match perfectly and requires you to turn it by pressing F, press it slowly and look top right to see if the number of correct disc symbol increase or not.

Kormir’s secret room is in the water right beneath Magic and War: An Educated Warning book. Diving goggles is right by 7. Poems by Danna, Age 9 in the Seeker of Truth and Knowledge achievement below. Find and read all 15 books and scrolls in Kormir’s library. The first three books are all in plain view. Take the long winding stairs to the top of the library. This book require you have read Untitled Volume in the hidden room first.

Top floor, by the diving goggle. Lower level, need springer mount jump to reach. Take Sadizi to unlock all five pedestals. There is an optional step after unlocking two of the pedestals to either proceed to the hallway or unlock rest of the pedestrals. Do this optional step for the achievement. This achievement is pretty easy as long you are prepared beforehand.