Pyar dating

Ishwari watches Sona walking around house and smiles. Welcome, Login pyar dating your account.

A password will be e-mailed to you. Mamaji sees her and asks reason. She says over years she has realized her mistakes and wants to correct them. On the other side, Dev and Sona chat.

He asks what she thinks about him now. She says he is Mr. Soha comes and says she fell on grass. Dev says he will scold grass, how can it harm Soha. Both Sona and Dev pamper her.

Ishwari smiles looking at them. Soha calls her for selfie. Ishwari looks at Sona and smiles. Dev asks her to look at camera and clicks selfie. Soha says this is world’s best selfie. Bejoy and Ishwari come in front of each other. Bejoy asks if she will not call him ghost again.

She thanks him for coming with his family. He says he had to come as Sona came here, he is more protective towards her since they came back from Kolkota. She says his bahu Ronita is too sweet, she did not feel like she is meeting her first time. Bejoy says Ronita speaks freely as he considers her as friend and not bahu, he sometimes feels Ronita is his daughter and Sourav is his son-in-law. Ishwari thinks she did not realize value of relationships before.