Singles coin

Please forward this error screen to sharedip-16015393164. Aces singles coin usually powerful and generally land on or near one of the corners at the back of the service box. Initially the term was used to indicate the scoring of a point. 2015, when it switched to tie breaks.

Used by the chair umpire to announce scores when both players have the same number of points or the same number of games. Tournament in which all players took part except the reigning champion. Style of play that is a composite of all the different playing styles, which includes baseline, transition, and serve and volley styles. Player or team that gains acceptance into the main draw of a tournament when a main draw player or team withdraws. ATP World Tour with the largest tournaments for men.

ATP point ranking system that starts at the beginning of the year and by the end of the year mirrors the ATP entry system ranking. Stroke in which the ball is hit with the back of the racket hand facing the ball at the moment of contact. A backhand is often hit by a right-handed player when the ball is on the left side of the court, and vice versa. The trajectory of the shot is affected by an upward force that lifts the ball. Portion of a swing where the racket is swung backwards in preparation for the forward motion to hit the ball. A method of draw which places all byes in the first round. Ball boys in the back are responsible for giving the balls to the player serving.

Line at the farthest ends of the court indicating the boundary of the area of play. If the ball goes over the baseline it will be the other player’s point. Player who plays around the baseline during play and relies on the quality of his or her ground strokes. Part of the handicapping odds and used during the early era of the sport.

Abolished by the LTA in 1890. Defensive shot with relatively little backswing and shortened action instead of a full swing, usually while returning a serve. The upward movement of the ball after it has hit the ground. The trajectory of the bounce can be affected by the surface and weather, the amount and type of spin and the power of the shot.