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You have no items in your shopping cart. Copyright 2016 Bona Drag, Inc. Welcome to the U Online Help Menu! 1 I cannot see all my accounts. Holding balance displays your total cash holdings in an account. 5 When I perform a history on my account, some of my transactions are missing. 1 I cannot select an account to perform a transfer.

You may only transfer money to a joint account. 2 When I transfer money to another account I receive an error. 00 between accounts per day. You may be entering the date in the wrong format. You may be attempting to select a date too far in the future. You may be attempting to select a date in the past.

6 How do I stop a recurring transfer? 1 Which accounts can I use to pay a bill? 3 Can I stop a bill from being paid after I have confirmed it for payment. 4 How long after I confirm payment will it take before my account is credited? 1 The embassy I would like a statement for is not in the list.