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Cap d’Agde information about the nudist village. The nudist area including the nude beach of Cap d’Agde attracks every year ten-thousands of nudists, naturists and swingers who websites for swingers all celebrate their vacation in this exciting naturist resort.

The original nudist and naturist visitors from le Cap d’Agde quatier-naturist are certainly not happy with the fact that the last 20 years, their nudist paradise is evolving into a swingers heaven. But they better get used to it because this is truly happening. Every year thousands of swingers are going to Cap d’Agde to celebrate their swingersholiday with other open-minded people in this huge swingers resort. Of course you will find here many European swingers, but also more and more people from other continents are discovering the swingers possibilities in Cap d’Agde. 10 years ago it was an exception to find e. Brazilian swingers here but nowadays people from anywhere can be found here.

We have spotted swingers from all over Europe, Australia, North and South America, Africa and Asia and we think in the coming years, thanks to the economic growth in some parts of the world, these number of “foreign” swingers from other continents will raise in Cap d’Agde. Officially it is prohibited, but you will find public sex and swingers activities on the swingers beach and in the dunes of Cap d’Agde. You should not expect that everyone is doing that sort of things, and of course certainly not whole day, they would get exhausted, but if you lay down and look around carefully, you will see a lof of things happening, which you wouldn’t see on a normal beach, especially in the late afternoon and beginning of the evening. Furthermore you will find a lot of swinging in the swinger clubs, at the naked foam parties and at private parties. This includes the pool area, where many couples will enjoy this sexual liberty and look at other people who will do the same.

Meanwhile the staff of these hotels are serving drinks, like nothing unusual is happening. It is almost abnormal not having sex there. All these facilities together with the fact that there are thousands of like-minded people, is making Cap d’Agde a true swingers heaven. Cap d’Agde attracts a lot of tourists every summer. The majority of these tourists visit the 9 other normal, non-nude-beaches of Cap d’Agde.

These people are no nudists, naturists or swingers. Maybe these people don’t even know about the existence of this nudist and swingers paradise, which is just around the corner. They are just normal ordinary tourists who are having fun with normal touristic activities, like millions of other people who are visiting the south of France every year. But Le Cap d’Agde locates one of the largest, official nude beaches in the world, and at this nude beach happens more than sunbathing only. It is this naturist beach and swingers beach which is attracting a lot of swingers, nudists and naturists to this particular beach of Le Cap d’Agde. Originally the nudist area of Cap d’Agde was a great place for nudists and naturist only.

There were virtually no swingers and it was very quiet and peaceful. Cap d’Agde are nudists and naturists. Cap d’Agde becomes the largest nudist resort in the world, especially in the months July and August. In the first three weeks of August when it is peak season, over ten-thousand people are staying here simultaneously. A lot of those people are walking around naked, are sunbathing naked, swimming naked and are shopping naked. Especially in the camping area, in which nudity is sort of obliged. But there is a HUGE difference between nudism and naturism on one side and the swingers on the other side.

The nudists and naturists have one thing in common. Both groups hate the swingers lifestyle. The nudist area of Le Cap d’Agde can be considered as a small village. Read more about the facilities and accomodations of Cap d’Agde.